Introducing the Foldie One - a lightweight, ultra-portable folding e-bike that will take you anywhere

The Foldie One crowdfunding campaign launches in April 2018.

Bristol, UK - March 22, 2018Bristol based company Foldie Bikes is launching its first folding e-bike - the Foldie One - through a crowdfunding campaign in April 2018. The Foldie aims to solve the main shortcomings of conventional e-bikes, through its ultra-portable design, lightweight frame and compactness.

Jamie Scott, co-founder of Foldie Bikes, explains further, ‘The steep hills in my hometown of Bristol make an e-bike a tempting prospect. However, the frustrations of taking a large and heavy conventional e-bike on the train led me to search for alternatives. Unable to find the bike I needed, I set out to create a folding e-bike that was lightweight, ultra-portable and stylish. Foldie Bikes was born.

The Foldie One will not only get you to work without breaking a sweat, but it can easily be folded and taken on public transport. And then at the end of your journey it will stash safely and conveniently under your office or home desk'.

Stand-out features of the Foldie One:

  • a simple three-part folding system, folding down in under three seconds. It can be neatly and safely stored in the boot of your car or in your home or office.
  • the lightest folding e-bike in its class, weighing in at just 14.5kg. It can easily be carried or rolled aboard buses, tubes and trains.
  • stylish, minimal design incorporating a concealed 7ah Samsung re-chargeable battery in the seat post, that will give you a range of 30 miles on a single charge.
  • powered by a 220W torque sensing motor and has 5 levels of assistance allowing you to choose how hard you want to work.
  • capable of propelling you up to a speed of 25km/h as well as up hills with ease.
  • on-the-go USB device charging.
  • bluetooth mobile fitness app.

The Foldie One crowdfunding campaign will be launching next month but the bike is already available at a Super Early Bird Discount via pre-sale on saving you 35%.

About Us: Foldie Bikes, founded in 2017 by Jamie and Katy Scott, was created to bring a new generation of lightweight, high-tech folding e-bikes to the market, aiming to introduce more people to the health and environmental benefits of cycling.

Media Contact: for more information, go to or contact Katy Scott, Foldie co-founder at hello@foldie.bikeFoldie eBike Side View

Take Foldie Ebike on Train

Tom Riding Foldie Ebike Sunset